Ozark Municipal Court
The mission of the Ozark Municipal Court is to serve as a judicial branch of the city that processes and adjudicates all non-felony violations occurring within the City’s police jurisdiction in a fair, accessible and timely manner and to provide the best quality service to the citizens of Ozark, Attorneys and other Agencies.

Courtroom Dress Code
You will not be allowed to enter the Courtroom with the
following clothing on:

*NO Shorts/Mini-Skirts (must be knee length)

*NO Strapless T-Shirts or Dresses

*NO Tank Tops or Low Cut Tops

*NO Spaghetti Strap T-Shirts or Dresses

*NO Hats or Head Coverings

*NO Sunglasses



*NO Sagging Pants (must be on hips)

*NO Shorts (must be knee length)

*NO Tank Tops or Cut Offs

*NO Du Rags or Stocking Caps

*NO Hats or Head Coverings 

*NO Sunglasses  
If you have any of the above items on, you will be asked to
leave and change. 
You MUST RETURN TO COURT or you will be shown as
a failure to appear and a warrant will be issued.