Administrative Services Bureau
Captain Tim Hicks 

The Administrative Services Section is key in determining the allocation of resources and the focus of the Police Department through its Planning and Research Unit. All departmental policies flow from this unit, which is charged with forecasting trends and setting the department's strategic goals. In this respect, Planning and Research is the driving force of the Police Department, compiling valuable data that is deployed to better serve all the diverse neighborhoods of the City of Ozark.

Planning and Research includes nine sub-units: Budgeting/Purchasing, License Compliance Officer, Payroll, Human Resources & Recruitment, Training, Crime Analysis, Grant Administration, Fleet Coordinator and the Inspections Detail.

The Administrative Division of the Ozark Police Department is responsible for the processing of all reports that are documented by Police Officers. This office is responsible for all data entry regarding offense/incident reports, alarm reports, accident reports, informational reports, and other administrative functions. This office also handles all inquiries relating to insurance agencies relating to traffic crashes and other claims associated with reports documented by Officers.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday - 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

How to obtain a report copy:

Individuals needing a report copy may come to the business office or may have a copy mailed to them by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a check or money order for the report amount (fees listed below) to:

Ozark Police Department
Attention: Records
275 North Union Avenue
Ozark, Alabama 36360
(334) 774-2644

Effective April 1, 2010 the price of report copies shall increase as listed below:

Accident Report: $10.00 per report

If requesting by mail, you must include a cashier's check or money order made payable to the  Ozark Police Department

Offense/Incident Report: $7.00 per report

Local Criminal History Background Checks are available if requested. The fee for this service is $4.00

You should give the Business Office 24 hours following your report prior to making a request for a copy of the information.

Should an individual need to be fingerprinted regarding background checks, this service is made available by appearing in person at the Business Office. The fee for fingerprint services is $4.00 per card.

(Fingerprinting available between the hours of 110 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday.)

Dog License: $3.00 per License