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                      FIELD OPERATIONS BUREAU    

                                  Captain Frankey Peterman

The Field Operations Bureau encompasses the uniform patrol and Investigative services. Personnel assigned to the Operations Bureau account for well over 80 percent of all departmental employees.

The primary functions of the bureau is active response to calls for service, the provision of motor vehicle enforcement, and criminal deterrence patrol. This Bureau provides a wide range of law enforcement services such as:

Conducting Patrols 
Calls for Service
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Investigating Criminal Activity

The investigation of criminal activity within the city of Ozark is the responsibility of the detectives and investigative personnel assigned to this Bureau. Investigators are frequently called upon to assist with major crimes and they assist other agencies with complex ongoing investigations. 

In addition to standard patrol services, the Field Operations Bureau also provides several special services to federal, state, and local agencies, as well as the citizens and visitors within the City of Ozark.


Patrol Services


A & B Shift - Watch Commander, Lt. Glen Peters

C & D Shift - Watch Commander, Lt. J.C. Culbreath

Whether it is taking a theft report or responding to a shooting, the Patrol Services Division is the uniformed backbone of the Ozark Police Department.  The officers of the Patrol Services are responsible for carrying out the Ozark Police Department's day-to-day mission of responding to calls for services and patrolling the City of Ozark.

In addition to providing basic police services, the Patrol Services Division is also comprised of several Officers that provide a variety of specialized enforcement services.


School Resource Services


The School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned to a local school and works closely wtih the school administration, parents, and students to provide a safe and productive learning experience.