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07/18-19/2016 A.L.E.R.R.T Level 1 Training.
Classes begin 8:00am daily. 
If you need help registering, contact Lt. Culbreath 334-445-0883 or 334-733-2486
08/23/2016 - Draeger Certification (New Operators)
Class starts at 08:00 (All day)
08/24-25/2016 – Draeger Recertification
Two classes each day, 1st class starts at 08:00, 2nd class starts at 13:00
09/20-22/2016 – Basic Interviews & Interoggations
WHEN: September 20-22, 2016 0800-1700 each day 
WHERE: This course is being graciously hosted by the Ozark Police Department 
 275 N Union Avenue, Ozark Alabama 36360 (Classes held at the Training Facility 410 Martin St. Ozark Al.) 
INSTRUCTOR: Folsom P.D. Lt. Skip Rogers (ret.), Interview & Interrogations Institute 
COST: $249.00 per person 
About the Training: This 3 day Investigations course is tailored specifically to the line officer. Investigations begin with initial 
contact, not when they reach a detective. Many officers have not received any updated investigations training since they left 
the basic academy. Course topics include: 
. How to Predict Human Behavior 
. Body Language, Proxemics and Gestures 
. Why People Lie: The Psychology of Deception 
. Usage of Polygraph, Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer and Lie Detection Technology in determining truth or deception 
. Free-Format, elimination interviews 
. Criminal Interrogation and Confrontation Interviews 
. Miranda Application and Admissibility of Statements 
. How to Prepare for Court 
. False confession safeguards 
. How to keep the interview dialog going, so you’ll never be at a loss for words during interrogation 
. Why You Should Record Your Interrogations 
. Court preparation 
About the Instructor: Lieutenant Skip Rogers is a 25-year veteran of law enforcement, retired from the Folsom Police 
Department where he served as the Commander of the Investigations Bureau. Prior to joining Folsom PD, Skip was a Deputy 
Sheriff with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department for 8-1/2 years. His career assignments have included Corrections, 
Court Security, Patrol, Detectives, Background Investigations, Internal Affairs, SWAT, Narcotics, Hostage Negotiations, 
Canine, Patrol and Detective Sergeant and Detective Lieutenant. Lt. Rogers is a passionate instructor and teaches this subject 
with enthusiasm. 
The Interviews and Interrogations Institute now provides the Los Angeles Police Department with ongoing annual interrogation 
training for their investigators. Many LAPD senior investigators state this is the best training they have received at the LAPD. 
Additionally, the Nevada High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) has used the Institute for interview and interrogation 
training for over six years. The Institute recently contracted with the California Highway Patrol to train their major accident 
reconstruction investigators with interrogation training. The reason why is this training simply gets results. Go to our website and see why this training is so important to criminal investigations. 
To register: Contact Lt. Jimmy Culbreath Ozark Email us at or call 334-445-0883. We have a 
10 day cancellation policy. Once you register, you will be sent important information. Please read the registration information 
carefully when you receive it after you register. 
*******************************There are reading assignments prior to the class.********************
Hotel: Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham. 1140 US Hwy 231, Ozark, Al. 36360. 334-774-2771 $89.00 plus tax 
Hampton Inn 235 N. Hwy 231 Ozark, Al 36360. 334-443-6669 $89.00 plus tax 
Baymont Inn & Suites 1360 Hwy 231 Ozark, Al. 36360. 334-774-0233 $51.00 plus 

Training Program for Animal Control Professionals

October 6-7, 2016

$250.00 for complete two day course. 

For questions or to register, call ACTS @ 913-515-0080 or email @ info@aco-







Contact Information:

Support Division Commander: Lt. Jimmy "JC" Culbreath

Cell: 334-733-2486   Office: 334-445-0883   Fax 334:774-2703
Training Officer:  Zeneth Glenn
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Call for information and email for reservations:
Ozark Training Facility
401 Martin Street,   Ozark, Alabama  36360 


Ozark Officer Training Hours:   1922
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