Water and Sewer RatesMinimize
According to the latest Hendon Engineering State of Alabama Water and Sewer Rate Survey, for towns with populations 10,000 and greater, for a customer using 5,000 gallons of water in a month, our water and sewer rates are lower than the state average. The Ozark Utilities Board is proud to report that our rates are very competitive with other communities of our size.
For our customer's convenience we have a drive thru payment window. Please limit your drive thru transactions to no more than two accounts so as not to inconvenience others. There is also a payment depository at the drive thru with payment envelopes if you have several transactions or if the window is closed.
We offer the option of payment by bank draft. This option offers convenience for our customers, eliminating the hassle of paying by mail or in person. You receive a monthly bill statement for your water/sewer bill that informs you that the amount due was automatically withdrawn from your bank account. See our Office Manager, Brad Powers, if you would like this option. We accept on-line credit card payments.