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The Utilities Board provides quality drinking water and sanitary sewer service for Ozark, Alabama’s 15,000 residents. The Board serves approximately 7,687 water users and 5,755 sewer users. Our staff of 21 dedicated professionals provides quality service to our customers, pumping approximately 2.38 million gallons of water each day from 8 deep wells and treating an average of 1.46 million gallons a day of sewage at out two wastewater treatment facilities. In 2001 the Utilities Board made a commitment to Ozark’s future by adopting a long-range 30-year Capital Improvements Plan to upgrade the public water supply system and extend and upgrade the sanitary sewer system. This plan is ahead of schedule and as of 2018 has cost approximately $17-million. Some of the achievements are listed below:
  • We have added sewage availability to 391 homes, an increase of 7%.
  • The shift to radio read water meters in 2007 allowed a staff reduction of two employees thru attrition which saved $1-million over 10-years.
  • The $2.2-million Tuscaloosa aquifer well at Post Oak has the capacity to supply more than 50% of our daily usage and will allow Ozark to double in population without the need for additional water resources.
  • Converting our water and sewer mapping to GIS at a cost of $165,000 allows us to quickly locate our pipelines in most cases.
  • We are the only system in Alabama that has cleared all of our sewer right of ways. This cost $500,000 to clear over 100 miles of ROW but it allows us to monitor our system in remote areas to be proactive in preventing sewer overflows. Herbicide is sprayed each year to prevent overgrowth from reoccurring.
  • In 2013 the Board completed a $5-million bond issue to fund three improvement projects. Southside WWTP on Hwy. 123 south is 30-years old, and while the plant is operating at only 60% capacity, the operational equipment has reached its life expectancy. J&P construction began replacing the equipment in October 2013 at a cost of $2.2-million and should be completed in about 90-days. On the second project we replaced about 13,000 feet of galvanized 2-inch water mains with 4-inch PVC mains at a cost of $500,000. The old galvanized mains had become corroded and frequent leaks were badly damaging the streets in those areas. Now the city will be able to resurface those streets without fearing reoccurring damage. The third project is a $2.3-million sewer rehabilitation project.  
  • In 2016 the Board received $1.75-million from a bond refunding and in 2017-2018 has replaced $1-miilon in water mains and will continue with sewer system rehabilitation.
  • Since 2000 our budget has grown from $2.1-million to $4.2-million but through careful planning Ozark’s water and sewer rates are below the average cost in Alabama for 5,000 gallons used per month. Our cost for 5,000 gals. of water and sewer is $41.60 compared to the state average of $59.  
  • AWPCA awarded the Utilities Board the Best Operated Water System for the 10th time in 18 years 2018. We have won the Best Operated wastewater plant 7 times.
  • Awarded the AMIC Risk Management Gold Award 6 times, Silver Award 2 times, and the Bronze Award 1 time since 2005 when we began service with AMIC. The Utilities Board has had only 2 loss time accidents in the past 15-years.
Developers, you can now access the Board’s water and sewer specifications on this website. We can also provide a digital format by contacting our office.
We continually strive to live up to our slogan
Donald K. Hallford, General Manager







Customer Information

New Residential Customer Deposit:

  • Renters - $75
  • Owners - $50

Active duty military are exempt.

New Commercial Customer Deposit:

  • Offices & Stores - $100
  • Restaurants - $200
  • Multiple Unit - $300


Sewer Tap:

  • $650

Water Taps: 

  • 3/4" -  $450
  • 1" -  $525
  • 1.5" -  $750
  • 2" -  $900
  •  larger, actual cost plus 15%.

There is an additional charge of $150 for under the road bores.


Reconnect fees for nonpayment will be $35 between 8am-4:45pm and $55 after hours(General Manager or Office Manager must approve after hours reconnect). 

There is a $30 service charge on returned checks.

See "Water & Sewer Rates" for complete details.

The Ozark Utilities Board of Directors meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Ozark Municipal Complex.


Ozark Utilities Board, PO Box 1125, 275 N. Union Avenue, Ozark, AL 36361

Telephone (334) 774-2336

 or (334) 774-5708